About Us

Come and start your child's musical journey with us!!

OUR PROGRAMS: Our program, fosters growth in the young child not only in musical areas, but also in physical, emotional, social, language and cognitive areas.

Our curriculum is built upon a solid musical and developmental foundation. We cater for children up to five years old with three different class/age categories:

Baby Bounce - new-born - 18mths;

Music Time - Families and Pre-school 0 - 5 years old.

THE BENEFITS: 80% of child's brain development happens between 0 - 5 years old, so you want to kinds of ‘shove’ as much in there as possible. And music helps with language, mathematics, socialisation, and cognitive development - just to name a few. You can read more about it here.

OUR COMMITMENT: We are committed to bringing you the best musical education your young one can get. Gathering the best of many programs: Kindermusik, Orff, Kleiner, Solfege, Brain Gym; we incorporate these into our program to produce the best.

LOCATION: We're just in South Hurstville, in a big, bright, airy, clean church hall, with easy street parking. And pram access. 10 The Mall, South Hurstville.

The lessons bring together 10-12 families, each with a parent or caregiver present.

When the 30 minute class is over, you are prepared to keep the experience alive all week.