Music and the Child Brain

Research continues to show society that early music learning helps a child's brain be further developed than those

who haven't had music in their lives.

(To the right is) A document compiled and containing pertinent information regarding music a the child's brain is available for you perusal.

As you will read, you will see the great overall educational, social, spiritual, mental and personal benefit there is to learning music.

Research on the importance of developing a child during the first five years of life are beginning to have scientific evidence to reinforce what we have all suspected: Music does make a difference!

We already accept that:

* music shapes attitudes towards a lifetime of appreciation of the arts

* music is SO MUCH FUN!

* music is a precursor of future formal music instruction by providing experiences in singing, playing instruments, movement and listening

* music is a link to understanding humans in context of our culture

But now we are also beginning to recognise that:

* music established patterns of brain development unknown to us before

* music is crucial to language developments

* music through movement is a vital connection to emergent literacy

* music provides tools essential for problem solving

* music fosters emotional bonding and self esteem

* music activities are helpful in developing the eyes