TERM 1 2022 Enrolling your child

We could not have made it easier for your to enrol your child into music classes.

Have a quick read of the information - all your questions will be answered.

Click on the yellow button beside this and be taken straight to the online booking.

And then get ready to join in the Lady Bug Musik fun.

We all know that music appreciation classes are more than simply fun:

Musical experiences foster growth in the young child  in:

* musical areas

*  physical development

* emotional development

social development

language and literacy development

* cognitive areas.


At first it might seem that we are just playing and having fun. While the approach in playful, every aspect of the Lady Bug Musik curriculum is built upon a solid musical and developmental foundation. 


Highlights for each class: 

--> Age appropriate activities.  

--> 30minute classes

--> Prioritise COVID cleanliness and accountability

--> St George Area: St Mark’s church hall, 10 The Mall, South Hurstville

--> Easy street parking

--> Pram access to the hall

--> Onsite facilities and air conditioning

--> Reduced class sized, of 10-12 families per class, for practical social distancing

--> Each family will have their own set of instruments per class which are cleaned after each morning of lessons

-->  Lady Bug Musik is a Covid-safe practice business.

Reduced Tuition for shorter term is $150 Single Student/$215 Family rate (with both children over 1yo).


Please understand that our decisions remain based on some foundational principles:


* We are determined to ensure student and staff safety and wellbeing.


* We will always follow the advice of state and national health authorities. We will, in some circumstances, implement enhanced measures.


* As a community-based program, we are well-placed, as we have been able to refine and learn from last years’ experience. What we do know is that keeping the structure and connection for the children especially is important.


Plans are well underway to ensure that we resume our lessons following the government health orders, and for the best interests of our LBM families. We will be bound to government regulations. For those not yet double vaccinated, we encourage participation through our online lessons. This is a temporary solution, which will change as the public health orders change. We want everyone to be able to come to in-person when restrictions are lifted. 


We are working on our Covid-safe plan, our risk management, and formulating our in-person classes in line with these governmental directives. This includes wearing of masks indoors, and no singing.

But will that cease us for having fun with music? No!

Will that halt us for learning? No!

Will that end the ingenuities of our lessons? No!

Will that stop the music? NEVER!!


In fact, we’ve thought up new, inventive, exciting, further educational ways, to be able to present music lessons to your children - and we can’t wait to show you!

Even MORE measures for EVERYONE'S Safety!!

Re: Trial classes.

Due to COVID19, Lady Bug Musik has suspended all trial classes for new students. Instead there are several videos on the LBM website and on YouTube  for people to view and get a sense of the class. Although we know it’s always better in real life, we want to make sure we are looking after everyone and their health first and foremost, which means only registered and enrolled families are allowed into the hall. (Pre-COVID you could have had a trial class at any point in time during the term.)