For families with child/children aged 0 - 5yo
and their caregivers.


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Musical experiences foster growth in the young child not only in

musical areas, but also in physical, emotional, social, language

and cognitive areas. We know that parents want to help their children to thrive in these areas, but parents

need tools to guide their children appropriately and effectively. Music Time is that such tool! (Timetable)


At first it might seem that we are just playing and having fun. While the approach in playful, every aspect of the Music Time curriculum is built upon a solid musical and developmental foundation. The classes have age appropriate activities.  We know that each child develops according to their own timetable, without pressure of conforming to performance expectations. (For more information about what we do in each class click here.)

At Music Time we cater for children 0 - 5 years. We also specialise for babies in their own session with Baby Bounce, if that suits your family's needs. Each semester has a specific theme with music activities based around that theme. These 30 minute classes bring music alive to all those in attendance.

But there's more! As a parent participating in Music Time, you'll become a keen and sensitive observer, more appreciative of your child's own explorations. Best of all you'll be sharing in a wonderful and memorable time with your child - a special time that will never be repeated. As your child discovers the joy of music, dance and song, you'll be there.

We've been learning to play the steady beat on our tuned percussion instruments as we sing our song all about little hands making music.
We are so delighted at how well all the Music Time classes have done in this activity.