Baby Bounce

For babies aged 0 - 18 months (and their caregivers).


You can register and enrol here.

Babies love to be touched and tickled, spoken to and most of all, sung to. This program focuses on baby massage, well known and little known rhymes and songs, dances and apparatus play designed specifically for exploration with little hands. (Curriculum here)


There is so much research (check out the Music Brain page) into how important the first five years of a baby’s life is for setting up emotional well-being, personal confidence, and creating good relationships between parent and child, and education for their brain as they start to learn about this world and their place in it – Baby Bounce is a place to start laying these foundations. (For more information about what we do in each class click here.)

Each class lasts about 30 , and is a great experience for child and adult alike. Check out our timetable.

Highlights of our program:
• For babies aged 0 – 18 months
• Curriculum is built upon a solid musical and developmental foundation
• Fosters growth in musical areas, as well as, physical, emotional, social, language and cognitive areas
• Includes rhymes, dances and songs
• With specifically designed instruments for little hands exploration

* Special Socialisation time set aside each lesson