Baby Bounce Term 1 2022 - Zip Zip ZOOM!

The joy of music is an integral part of the human experience. To nurture a disposition to music and musical learning, it is necessary to begin early in the child’s life. Preparing a musical environment in early childhood enhances the natural tendency of all human beings to move, to explore, and to be expressive in speech and song.

Children’s musical development is best served when there is a magical balance between music that is familiar to them and music that is new. Our program has a good selection of great music from various historical eras, styles, and composers for the children’s experience, and to expand their global view of musical cultures, which will prove enticing - even exciting!

A rich musical environment for the young child is one that provides varied opportunities to experience and explore music. Playing and learning go hand-in-hand. Play is the child’s own serious work, self-initiated and self-directed in a joyful manner. At first it might seem that we are just playing and only having fun in music classes. While the approach is playful, every aspect of the Lady Bug Musik curriculum is built upon a solid musical and developmental foundation. The classes have age appropriate activities.

Musical development is nurtured best in an exploratory environment that encourages spontaneity and recognizes the individual. Our classes are designed in such a way as to foster and celebrate this.